Your Dynamic Warehousing Partner

You know that warehousing efficiency is about visibility and flawless execution. We’re the provider you can trust to do it.

At Verst, our tenured, professional staff and state-of-the art technology optimize labor and space, raising efficiency and driving down your costs. We’ll seamlessly integrate with your distribution operation.

And you’ll be able to monitor your inventory and our productivity in real-time through a simple-to-use, powerful interface, giving you full visibility for planning.

Why Verst Warehousing and Distribution?

A smooth-running warehousing operation needs more than four walls and a few dock doors.  It requires forward thinking, backed by 50 years of know-how. It takes highly trained staffers who understand your throughput is our lifeblood. And it demands immediate, friendly service when you need answers.

Pay only for what you need now.

Our customers never pay for more warehouse space than they need in the moment. When demand runs high, you can scale up. In slow seasons, you can scale down, giving your company unparalleled flexibility and tighter control over its profit margins.

Strategic locations. Plenty of space.

We have over 6 million square feet of temperature-controlled, safe floor space in the Midwest, with easy, cost-effective access to road, rail, air, river and sea. From our warehouses, you can put products on the majority of Lower 48 doorsteps in 2 days or less, or ship anywhere around the world.

Superior technology.

Verst’s cutting-edge warehouse management system (WMS), best-in-class supply chain management system, automatic data capturing technology, KPI tracking and powerful analytics tools provide your company with actionable business intelligence, even as your products are on the move.

Excellent service.

Our highly trained staffers are backed by 50 years of Verst know-how. They’ll provide you with immediate, friendly service when you need answers.

Industries We Serve

We handle operations for small and large businesses alike. Many have been with us for over 25 years. Here are just a few of the industries we have experience serving:




Automotive Parts

Ask Our Customers

We selected Verst in the first place because of their location, financial stability and reputation as a super-regional.”

Sam AdkinsThird-Party Logistics Manager at Celanese

Need Space? Ours Is Ready to Go.

What if we told you we could lower your overhead costs, smooth out your warehousing and distribution operations and wow your customers? Our regional logistics advantages and highly skilled, loyal workforce will combine to give your business unprecedented efficiency.

Let us show how fast you can be in-market and how you can flex your advantage with Verst:

  1. Unexpected inventory looking for a home? No problem.
  2. Need space quickly? We can have you up and running in as few as 2 days.
  3. Need someone to manage a messy return process? We can help.

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