Why Outsource Packaging to Verst

    We understand the immense pressure you face to launch a successful product, or seize market share from a competitor.

    It’s not something we take lightly, which is one reason why the world’s most successful brands choose Verst as their exclusive partner in contract shrink labeling.

    The other reasons? Scroll on.

    Grow with no capital expense. None.

    Whether you’re launching a new product, converting an existing one to shrink sleeve, or running a trial, it rarely makes sense to purchase label application equipment.

    When it comes down to it, you’re in business to make more money. We’ll help you get to market faster by investing less of it upfront. Consider these monetary benefits of contract packaging with Verst:

    Frees up your cash flow. Machines alone cost anywhere from $150,000 (entry level) to $1 million (high-speed lines). And that’s without factoring in labor, installation, steam boilers, utilities, tooling and maintenance.

    Throughput to the max. We constantly invest in the industry’s most productive, most efficient application equipment and steam tunnels so you don’t have to. And when The Next Big Thing arrives, you can be sure we’ll add it to our lineup, too.

    Learning curve? There’s nothing to it. Forget about experimenting with highly temperamental shrink sleeves and costly tooling, or tinkering with NASA-grade equipment settings. Keep your sanity and tap the minds at Verst who’ve been at this for 25+ years.

    Cool savings. Heat can ruin shrink labels before application. Fear not. We’ll handle the refrigerated transport and store them in the industry’s largest label storage room. It’s home to 500+ rack spaces and over 100-million shrink sleeves and pressure-sensitive labels.

    Get to market before your competitors leave the plant.

    When you work with Verst, you won’t just see the impact on your bottom line – you’ll see it on store shelves. Our highly refined pre-fill decorating solutions beat post-fill (aka inline) in the categories that matter most to you.

    • Boost efficiency by up to 35% by filling pre-decorated containers labeled here at Verst vs. labeling on the fill line
    • Requires no learning curve on your behalf: our in-house experts handle all the intricacies of shrink labeling to speed up your path to stores
    • Cut line losses and production delays caused by bad sleeves Significantly lower scrap: our rate is an unheard of 1%

    Why Verst in 3.5 Minutes Flat

    Short on time? Take a few to watch this video and we’ll show you what we’re made of.

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    We make stand-out products stand out.

    First impressions matter. After all, shoppers decide whether to buy a product in seven seconds or less.

    Ahem. That’s seven seconds. We repeat. SEVEN seconds.

    We’ll help you capture their attention with gorgeous, 360-degree shrink sleeve labels that pack a real branding punch.

    Here are some good-to-knows about the labels we apply:

    • Surround-sound marketing. Leave no branding opportunity untouched. Full-body, high quality shrink labels perfectly conform to the most unique bottles and containers.
    • Greatest shelf appeal.Strike the perfect balance of visual impact, color, graphics and creativity.
    • No damaged goods.Ultra-durable films resist scuffing, humidity, dirt and water. And because the design is printed on the inside, it won’t fade or bleed.
    • Results matter.We don’t print labels. That’s not our game. But we work with the best label markers on a daily basis, and we’re happy to recommend one based on your needs.
    • Learn more about our shrink sleeve decorating capabilities.

    It’s one thing to read about our shrink sleeve decorating results.

    It’s another to see them up close.

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    We don’t just label products. We get them to market.

    It takes a special breed to handle the packaging needs of the world’s top brands. But we take it a step further because that’s what our largest customers demand from us.

    We source product from labels to bottles.

    We pick up and deliver with our own transportation services.

    We pre-fill decorate with the highest throughput machines.

    We store product in over 400,000 square feet of smart, safe and strategically located warehouse space.

    We do it all so you can do what matters most: grow your business.

    Learn all about our turnkey contract packaging solutions.

    In the end, it all comes down to our people.

    The latest and greatest machines and technology. Special effects sleeves. Six Sigma practices.

    It all means SQUAT without the right people.

    With Verst, the difference is our team. And we’ve heard it from fine folks like you for over 50 years.

    From the initial sales contact, to the first proof, to the moment you receive a pallet, we work hard to earn your trust and do things the right way. We could go on and on and toot our own horn some more.

    Instead, we’ll leave you with a few words from one of our clients.

    Word on the street is everyone likes Verst.

    When there's a problem, there's not a lot of finger-pointing. They just get together and figure it out before taking the solution to the customer.”
    Associate Marketing Manager at Multicolor

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