Turnkey Contract Packaging Solutions

When it comes to contract packaging, it’s critical that Verst excels in shrink sleeve decorating. That’s our bread and butter. But like your customers demand more of you, ours demand more from us.

Much more.

Proof? Nearly 90% of Verst’s customers rely on our end-to-end (aka turnkey) solutions to bring their products to market faster and more efficiently than in-house – without the hassle of working with multiple subcontractors and unnecessary production delays.

End-to-End Packaging Solutions



We begin with a successful end in mind.

What makes Verst the obvious choice in contract packaging for high-volume customers? Allow us to break it down.

From labels, to bottles, to cans, to lids, to ends, we handle all your sourcing needs. This cuts out the middlemen and drastically shortens lead times.

We then pick up and deliver with world-class transportation services.

Of course, we decorate with quality labels on highly automated, highly productive machines for maximum throughput.

A de-palletizer, re-palletizer and other top-notch secondary processes ensure your sleeved products reach filling lines in the format you prefer.

Strategically located in Ohio and Kentucky, we have 6-million square feet of warehouse space at the ready to drive down your overhead costs and time to market.

We use our nationwide transportation management solutions to plan the most efficient, lowest cost routes from point A to point B.

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