Shrink Sleeve Decorating

You make a stand-out product. With shrink sleeve labeling, we’ll help it stand out even more in a crowded market. And, in true Verst fashion, we’ll help you beat them to market while we’re at it.

Here’s how.

Beautify your package. And your bottom line.


According to a Brand Packaging study, 64% of consumers will buy a product off the shelf without researching it first and that means great graphics drive great sales

We’ll use our long-standing relationships with the industry’s top suppliers to source flexible, durable and visually irresistible full-body shrink sleeve labels that adhere to odd-shaped bottles.

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Speed up your time to market. Lower your overhead costs.

You don’t need an MS in Supply Chain to know that running full-scale production costs serious coin. Machines. Tooling. Labor. Utilities. Maintenance. We could go on and on.

It all adds up to massive capital expenses and lengthy start-up times.

Verst spares you the hassle and monetary barriers to entry.

No matter your scale (multi-million production or trial run), we have the highest throughput machines, highly automated secondary processes, over 100 sets of tooling, and the industry’s top minds at the ready.

We put all of this tech know-how to work toward one goal: getting products to market faster and smarter than anyone on the planet.

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Sip on these real-world success stories.

By switching to a full-body shrink sleeve, Dean’s Milk Chugs helped single-serve plastic milk sales rise by 214%.

A major food manufacturer experienced a delectable increase in sales after it selected Verst as its all-in-one contract shrink labeler for its Miracle Whip and Sandwich Shop Mayo product lines. Read the case study.

Nestle Nesquik’s mix of shrink sleeving and a bold new container led to a frothy 220% spike in first-year sales.

The first beverage company to go shrink sleeve? Arizona Tea in 1997. By 2020, experts estimate the shrink sleeve market will be worth $13.2 billion.


Compared to its competitors,

Verst is more versatile, has state-of-the-art equipment, is more flexible, can handle more complexity in shapes and sizes, and can save costs because of having the tool and die on hand."
Gilbreth USA

Gain your pre-fill advantage.


Wondering why we’re such ardent defenders of pre-fill decorating versus post-fill? With benefits like these, it’s easy to see why the world’s top brands outsource their packaging needs to Verst.

Speed-to-market benefits offset the costs of contract decorating when you factor in equipment, tooling, start-up and on-going costs.

Reduces scrap (less than 1%) and eliminates lost batches caused by bad sleeves.

Our fierce commitment to food safety prevents contamination and spoiled products.

Requires no learning curve. Our experts have been at it for over 25 years, and they’ll help you get to market in a few short weeks.

Our just-in-time inventory system eliminates the need to store empty bottles.

Real-time transportation management system (TMS) data minimizes the cost of moving empty bottles.

There are many more reasons why pre-fill decorating beats post-fill (or inline). We’d love to have the opportunity to tell you about them.

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