Roll Sleeve Shrink Labeling

Here at Verst, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we keep the ball rolling by relentlessly pursuing new technologies, many of which are born out of customer needs. Enter roll sleeve labeling.

This innovative labeling process marries roll-fed tech with our world famous shrink sleeve decorating to provide outstanding results at an economical price. 

Highest throughput, lowest cost shrink sleeve labeling.



A great alternative to pre-printed cans/bottles and shrink sleeves, roll sleeve decorating is ideal for high-volume beverage products that command a premium label without the premium price point.

Here are some of the reasons why companies like the largest grocery chain in the Midwest, choose Verst to roll out their labeling needs.

Higher yields. Lower shipping, storage and energy costs. Capable of running 54,5000 bottles an hour, its incredible throughput impacts your bottom line in more ways than one.

Brilliant, wraparound graphics give products, like soda bottles, irresistible visual appeal.

Eco-friendly roll sleeve seams and wraps labels inside the machine without chemical solvents, which allows for 50% thinner labels than with comparable systems.

A versatile labeling hero, roll sleeve accepts all packaging materials of all shapes and sizes – glass, plastic, metal, odd-shaped containers and lightweight bottles. It also seals all film material types – from PET, recycled PET, OPS and PP, to PLA, PE and PVC.

It’s simply effective. With seaming handled inside the machine, roll sleeve cuts out the need to outsource sleeves. Machine Directed Oriented (MDO) film saves even more time and money because there’s no forming or welding during converting.

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