Beer Can Shrink Labeling

When it comes to beer, the more the merrier we say. Verst Packaging is helping craft brewers do just that: serve up more liquid deliciousness to the masses.

How? For starters, we’ve crushed one of the biggest barriers to entry – the need to purchase large quantities of cans that stretch leads times to 12 weeks, and eat up capital and warehouse space.

Small Orders? Can Do.

We’re not just in the business of labeling cans. We’re into helping craft brewers of all sizes rise to the top.

Sure, we’ll shrink sleeve your product. But we’ll also purchase the cans, labels and ends in any quantity, so you won’t be subjected to lofty minimums, or be forced to staff and manage a warehouse.

This frees up your cash flow and eliminates the hassle of working with multiple subcontractors.

The bottom line? You get a better product to market faster without the road blocks and hefty capital investment. Cheers to that!

The Art of Growth

Collective Arts Brewing tapped Verst to shrink sleeve its cans. Sounds simple, right? But not when you consider the hundreds of new artworks it features on its labels every year.

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Why Brewery Owners Choose Verst

  1. We feel the need for speed. After cans roll off the de-palletizer, they zip through our Fuji Seal 415 high-speed applicator, which applies labels to 600 cans per minute. Once they pass QA, they’re off to the re-palletizer and shipped to your filling lines faster than you can say “prosit!”

  2. We’re flexible and adaptive. Many can suppliers are at capacity and dedicate most of their resources to tier 1 accounts. We don’t play favorites. While you might find 17-week lead times elsewhere for new art, we can do it in four – and even less for repeat customers.

  3. We’re masters of our craft. Like you make a fine brew, we apply a darn fine label – one that pops off shelves and is aligned down to the micron level. Speaking of labels, we’ve seen (and applied) them all. Metallic inks. Holographic. Matte finishes with surface effects. Scratch and sniff. You name it.

  4. We are your end-to-end packaging solution. We buy the labels, cans and lids, and decorate and transport them. To make life even easier, we deliver the goods in the format you’d like with disposable dunnage.

  5. We’re certifiably sound. Verst is ISO9001:2008 and ISO 22000 certified, and FDA registered. We’re also ABC licensed to store and decorate post-filled brews, in the event you need us to do so.

The Proof is On the Can

Behold, a sampling of craft beers shrink labeled at Verst.

Want to see them up close?

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Being able to react quickly to bringing new brands to market is key for the craft brewer.” 

Roger Davis,Red Hare Brewing Company

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