Industries We Label

Shrink sleeve decorating isn’t as simple as slapping a label on a product.

It requires specialized expertise, exacting processes and deep knowledge of highly technical industries. Wouldn’t you know it, that’s Verst.

When you outsource your contract packaging needs to Verst, you entrust your brand to the world’s largest contract shrink sleeve decorator. The one that’s been helping companies of all sizes, across the most complex markets, grow for over 15 years.

Craft Beer


Cheers to faster growth without the drama.

Should you really have to pay for truckload cans upfront when you only need a fraction of that? Should you really you have to face 17-week lead times for new art? Should you really be at the mercy of can suppliers that play favorites with high-volume customers?

We think not. Discover a better way to pack with Verst. We buy the cans and labels, decorate, and handle the dunnage and transportation. Best of all, we can do it in as few as four weeks.

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Food and Beverage

Tasty shrink results served here.

Tasked with improving sales of an underperforming line of condiments? Looking to bring a seasonal drink to market at warp speed? Considering a trial run of the next big thing in Greek yogurt? Chances are, you’ve done your research and you’ve found that only a high-quality shrink sleeve will do.

We’re the all-in-one shrink sleeve decorator to help execute your vision. These are the reason why global food and beverage brands consider Verst a key ingredient for success.

  • Highly automated, highly efficient machinery maximizes throughput and lowers operating costs
  • Uber efficient, pre-fill shrink sleeve decorating eliminates lost batches and reduces scrap to 1%
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) prevent excess micro-bacteria, mold and yeast growth from spoiling product and profits
  • End-to-end solutions – from sourcing labels to transporting sleeved bottles – cut out the need to work with many subcontractors
  • ISO, GFSI, FDA, Kosher, HACCP and AIB certifications

Wine and Spirits


Raise a glass to ROI.

Verst is the industry leader in wine and spirits shrink sleeve decorating. Need a reason to celebrate? We’ll give you seven.

We’re well-equipped to handle bottles of all shapes and sizes…

And pre-fill decorate them with labels featuring tactile finishes and specialty prints, like holograms and matte varnishes, that enhance shelf appeal and drive sales.

Need us to decorate post-fill? No problem. We’re ABC licensed.

We’ll help you get to market without the capital investment in equipment or tooling. A single set of tooling costs up to $40,000. We have 100+ sets at the ready.

We’ll also get you there faster and in pristine condition. We run multiple automated and manual lines, and secondary processes for maximum throughput. Human inspections ensure product quality.

End-to-end solutions make your life easier. We source product, pick it up, de-palletize and decorate, and handle warehousing and distribution.

We add value with services like pressure-sensitive labeling, POP display assembly, re-labeling, bundling and more.

Let’s get started.

Personal Care and Household Goods


We’re home to all-in-one contract packaging solutions.

Want to work with a single shrink sleeve contract decorator that can apply an outstanding label to your products, and get them to market faster and more efficiently than in-house? You’ll feel right at home working with Verst.

The cleanest path to growth? Verst! Why? Because you'll work a single shrink sleeve contract decorator that can apply an outstanding label to your products, and get them to market faster and more efficiently than in-house.

It's the reason why household names lean on Verst to label a better product, improve production efficiency and boost their bottom lines.

We’d love to do the same for you. Get in touch.

These are just some of the industries we serve.

Don’t see yours listed above? Don’t let that stop you from talking to us about your packaging needs

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