Stay Ahead of the Pack

We provide end-to-end contract packaging solutions to the world’s top CPG brands, craft brewers and companies of all shapes and sizes. Your mission is to sell product. Ours is to help you sell more, and do it smarter and faster without the colossal capital investment. Welcome to Verst Group, the world’s largest shrink sleeve contract decorator.

Why Outsource Your Packaging to Verst?

Conquer retail with no capital investment.

Automated lines running up to 600 units per minute. Over 100 sets of tooling at the ready. And exacting processes led by industry expert Will Schretzman. No matter your product or labeling needs, we have the tech and know-how to get it to market fast with no capital expense on your part.

One partner. All your packaging and logistical needs.

Everyone has their reasons for outsourcing. To some, it’s the speed to market and freedom to launch a new SKU risk-free. But to most, it’s the lower blood pressure from working with a partner that makes it all look easy.

Outstanding labels make stand-out products.

Shoppers decide whether to buy a product in seven seconds or less. We’ll help your product put its best face forward by applying brilliant, full-body shrink sleeve labels that stand out in a crowded market.

Get ahead of the competition.

You can’t make a profit if your product isn’t on store shelves. Pre-fill decorating drastically shrinks your time to market, giving you an obvious advantage over those guys who do it post-fill. It’s almost unfair. Almost.

What They’re Saying

Verst had the shrink equipment and specialized expertise needed to get our product to market in record time. Their automated system applied the redesigned shrink sleeve labels onto our Miracle Whip products in a fraction of the time it would have taken us to do it in-house.”
Senior Manager of Packaging Procurement at Kraft Foods

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