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Verst Group Logistics makes our customers first with their customers by providing fully integrated supply chain solutions that streamline the logistics process, shorten stock-to-dock time, and reduce waste. While some of our industrial and consumer goods customers use only one of our warehousing, transportation or contract packaging services, most choose the ease and efficiency of integrated 3PL solutions – what we call our "Joint Solutions Concept" or JSC.

The most common pairing is between warehousing and transportation services. But more customers are discovering the benefits of adding turnkey packaging to the mix – especially for shortening time to market for food/grocery and health/beauty products.

Integrated SCM

As a part of our passion for streamlining logistics, we introduced the Verst supply chain management system (SCM). Powered by Accellos industry-leading software and engineered by Verst know-how, it's unique in the industry. The Verst SCM integrates our all new TMS and WMS into a seamless, robust, enterprise-wide system of leading benefits and functionality. It provides the analysis needed to make smarter business decisions and run more effective businesses. Our Verst SCM suite of tools includes solid ERP; detailed, data-backed KPI; and flexible BI. It also features portfolio and project management software stacked with web 2.0 collaboration tools. Together, they not only reduce risk, but build maximum benefits into our solutions from the planning stage.

Investments in New Technology

We are constantly adding new technology to make it easier for customers to access fresh data and squeeze out waste. Everything we do is about efficiency and consistency. We've recently integrated:

  • Warehouse analysis tools to reduce congestion and improve safety.
  • Small parcel shipping integration with UPS and FedEx systems to eliminate rekeying.
  • Trip analysis tools to help customers hold the line on costs by optimizing the best route and load plan.
  • Fully integrated truck monitoring to provide "right-time" information on the progress of loads.
  • "Constraint-based scheduling" that harnesses the collective genius of running the floor.
  • A "stay-linked" solution that keeps inventory scanning guns connected during interruptions, saving scanner reboot time and reducing errors.
  • A track and trace system that uses geo-fencing (link to definitions page, open in same window) to alert the customer to prepare the dock for arriving trucks.
  • "Rainbow pack" tooling that bundles multiple brands in one packet to drive POP sales.

Technology in Action

While our integrated system is a boon to customers, the real advantage comes in how we apply it. We strive to provide information when customers really need it – in "right time" versus "real time." We offer more touch-points for accessing information – by phone, web, automated alerts, and reports. And we match our high-tech offerings with high-touch delivery. Our approach is personal, responsive and relationship-based.

Our team routinely develops completely customized solutions that use technology in ways our customers never thought possible. See our case studies for examples of our ingenuity in action.

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